The internal or external signage management of big spaces is a fundamental part of interior design project that many architectural and design studios study only in a marginal way.
Understanding this need of many clients such as hotels, exposition centers, camping, pools, public spaces, SSD lab with its internal graphic studio, has during the years, developed his knowledge in this field.
Starting from the study of the plans, to understand how the spaces are managed and how to better guide the clients, SSD Lab in able to create 360° wayfinding projects. The project is about not only what to write in the signs, but also which are the best point to hang them, how to hang them to better create something easy for the guest to understand.
This punctual study, possible thanks to years of experience of SSD Lab, lead the graphic studio to have a look also on the design of the signs. They need to be not only useful to lead the guests but also and mostly be part of the interior design project.
Up to date materials and a captivating design make SSD Lab wayfinding project unmistakable!