SSD Lab is inspired by the concept of the Clean Constructions for all its interior design works, coverings, renovations and renewing of bars, restaurants, hotels, private homes.

All the materials used are inspired by the idea of ​​not using masonry of any kind. All the interventions, including in construction works and construction sites, that SSD Lab is able to do, include films and materials that do not involve the use of building materials such as glues and that do not oblige to produce dust.

This is considered as an innovation in architecture and interior design.

Thanks to films, furniture can be renewed without having to buy it back, change the style of a wall without the need for paints that cause disorder and bad smells.

A method used above all in the world of hotels and clubs, it allows you to carry out major renovation projects without impacting on opening days or disturbing customers.

In addition to a relative saving for the reuse of pre-existing furniture, this allows you to save by not closing the store, local or hotel.


The concept of wrapping, that is the action of wrapping an existing furniture with films of various finishes, was born in the world of cars and boating, where not all materials can be used due to their weight or physical characteristics of fire resistance, resistance to humidity etc.
The films used in wrapping, whether it is a piece of furniture, a door, an elevator or the interior of a boat, are films that reproduce natural finishes such as wood, marble, metal materials and any existing material in the world of furniture.
These films have characteristics such as durability, flexibility etc that allow a final result identical to the use of the original material but with a net saving.

3M – Di-Noc

SSD Lab has decided, for the world of wrapping, to join an international company, leader in the sector, 3M. With their Di-Noc product available in more than 1500 finishes, SSD Lab is able to cover all the needs of its customers. Of incomparable quality to competitors both in the final result and in the technical characteristics Di-Noc Architectural, carries out its own philosophy in which SSD Lab reflects itself: aiming for quality with certified materials and applicators.
It is for this reason that SSD Lab has decided not only to become a 3M reseller but also to undertake a training course for its employees to become Endorser, that is, certified applicators of the brand.
The quality not only of the product but also of its application lead to perfection in the results.

Custom casts

In addition to catalog wrapping films, SSD Lab also offers its customers the possibility of creating their own film.
Starting from bases of various colors and finishes, SSD Lab thanks to its modern printing machinery, is able to reproduce any design and color on the cast (the technical name of the wrapping material).
The application on any surface takes place in the same way as the cast from the catalog and has a perfect final result.
The only difference is being able to choose any illustration and color in the world for your architecture and interior design projects.



The world of wallpapers has evolved a lot in recent years. The common memory is still that of the wallpaper that was found in the grandmother’s house and in dated hotels. This world has evolved and thanks to material innovations, wallpaper is now an innovative and fashionable solution for the world of interior design.
SSD Lab offers two alternatives to its customers interested in this type of wall decoration for their interior design works:
Catalog wallpapers: starting from simply decorative solutions with designs of different kinds and styles, the collections also come to technical solutions, such as soundproofing wallpapers, water resistant and therefore suitable for use in humid environments and showers. The proposals in the catalog are almost infinite including collections by great designers.
Alternatively, for the most imaginative designers and innovative architects, SSD Lab proposes to print their own wallpaper. The proposal ranges from different basic types: paper effect, mosaic, cork, stucco etc. From here the designer or architect creates his own fantasy and design which is printed on the chosen support.
Thanks to the possibility of creating custom-made wallpapers, SSD Lab satisfies the needs of large customers, hotel chains, important brands with their own strong identity that always want tailor-made products.

Printed Vinyls

SSD Lab proposes, as an alternative to wallpapers, vinyls that can be printed with different patterns, at the customer’s discretion to be applied as wall decoration.
Vinyls have very different technical characteristics from wallpaper and are used as an alternative where wallpaper cannot be applied for various reasons.
The technical office will be available to all creatives to evaluate the various solutions to always suggest the right material for the different spaces. Printed vinyl is an excellent alternative to wallpaper where this cannot be used.


The pre-spaced technique is a technique usually used to make small window stickers or writings.
SSD Lab thanks to its thirty years of experience in this type of processing, has managed to propose this type of artisan technique for large works. There is no maximum size for cut outs, technicians and applicators are able to create works of any size, intersecting different types of material to recreate the effect desired by the designer.
Starting from the carving of the material, passing the peeling up to the final application, the SSD Lab applicators can create your customized decoration. This type of processing differs from wallpaper and wall vinyls due to its basic characteristic of leaving the underlying support in sight. On any type of wall, the cut-out works do not cover the surface but emphasize it.


SSD Lab has been dealing with glass decorations for 30 years. Starting from simple window decals for shop windows, over the years it has developed new knowledge on glass materials and their application that allow it to be today one of the market leaders in this sector.
Within his team, professional and certified applicators can take care of the application of any film that is a technical material (such as solar films, anti-glare films, etc.) or a design work.

Window / Prespaced Decals

Starting from small writings, up to large works SSD Lab deals with the creation of pre-spaced pieces from their carving with special materials to their application on the windows.
The cut-out technique allows you to create drawings and graphics on windows and leave the part not affected by the work with the glass uncovered and transparent.
The possibilities and the materials that can be used are endless, from glossy and opaque colored films, photoluminescent, highly resistant, chromed materials and with all kinds of material effects.

Colored and non-colored polyesters

The polyesters are materials for glass and windows characterized mainly by the very low presence of glue which allows their almost total transparency.
SSD Lab recommends this type of material if the customer wants to give the effect of a printed glass. These crystalline polyesters allow to print, thanks to a plotter, every image desired by the customer, in such a way as to be able to decorate the glass or windows following the general design of the interior design or architecture project. A fundamental characteristic of polyesters, in addition to being available in both transparent and colors, is that they can be applied to any type of glass surface, not only the classic vertical glasses such as shop windows but also domes, glass ceilings, horizontal windows. Polyesters do not undergo thermal shocks so as to avoid the shrinkage problem present with other materials.

Squid - adhesive curtains

The SQUID is one of the many materials of which SSD Lab is an official reseller. Launched on the market in 2019, SQUID is an adhesive curtain, available in different colors, which allows the application of a curtain where the classic ones are not applicable. It is often used where there are windows of particular shapes, rounded etc. In addition to an elegant and clean design effect, SQUID also offers UV shielding technical features.
SQUID is a clean installation material that does not require special glues. The technicians qualified for its application can work with a spatula and a knife to install the product. No need to puncture walls or create dust in the house.

Technicians: solar, anti-glare, photochromic

SSD Lab treats, in addition to polyesters dedicated to decoration, also those called technicians. This type of materials are suggested to architects and interior designers in the case of large external windows or glass that need to perform a function. The problem is often encountered in buildings with external glass walls to avoid glare or overheating of the internal spaces.
For this reason the SSD Lab technicians, after an accurate inspection, are able to suggest materials that can reduce UV rays by up to 90% in order to avoid huge heating or air conditioning costs. Another problem that can be easily solved with special films is that of glare when the sun is higher, many buildings have this feature risking to create traffic problems.
Technical polyesters are able to solve, in addition to those listed above, many of the problems related to glass walls: scratchproof, unbreakable etc.


SWICHO® is the intelligent LCD switch film that turns on and off with the remote control. Keep your family or business safe with smart film that lets you choose to turn it on for the moments you need it or turn it off to enjoy the view from the window. SWICHO® LCD film is suitable for Hospitals, Offices, Sports Centers, Spas & Wellness, Exclusive Villas, Advertising, Industrial and Banks. The innovative SWICHO® LCD adhesive film for glass that changes with a click. Transparent or Opaque when you want. SWICHO® revolutionizes the concept of glass!
SWICHO® LCD film consists of a liquid crystal polymer matrix enclosed by an electrically conductive tin oxide coated polyester film.
SWICHO® LCD film has wiring connected to a conductive copper strip (bus-bar) along the edge of the film. This harness is connected to a step-down transformer through which power is supplied for the “on” (clear) state.
The film is managed with a simple remote control that can be of any type: an on / off switch, an app on the phone, a motion sensor.
The ideal solution for those seeking privacy but do not want to miss the beauty of a window.



LVT Swing floors: a new generation of floors with higher performance than traditional PVC floors. LVT products reproduce graphic effects and colors that cannot be found in normal vinyl surfaces.
They are able to faithfully reproduce any type of material such as wood, stone, resin, marble and carpet. The versatility combined with the layered composition allows these floors to be very performing both for use in commercial activities and for residential use.
Like all materials proposed by SSD Lab, Swing is the alternative without masonry work to classic floors. Applicable without using glues or opening construction sites, it is the best solution for those who want to renovate their residential or commercial environments, saving time!


Born for years now for the world of road markings, walkways are a versatile material that can be used both for aesthetic and design reasons and for technical reasons such as the need to make a non-slip floor. Available with every feature, from the simplest printable for aesthetic reasons, such as applying a logo on the floor, to the more technical ones such as anti-slip or water-resistant ones for areas such as laundries and kitchens.
With the development of the Covid-19 pandemic, each facility has found the need to apply safety signs to their floors.
SSD Lab offers the possibility of having customized graphics that do not clash with the general design of the structure, combined with the technical characteristics defined by the law.

Printed carpet

Carpet has always been used in the world of interior design. Over the years it has lost its validity as it is considered dated and out of fashion as well as difficult to manage.
SSD Lab offers a modern and design alternative also with this material: carpeting that is easy to manage and clean can be printed with patterns decided by the customer. Designers and architects can create the most suitable pattern for their interior design project which will be printed on the base of their choice. SSD Lab wants, as with all its materials, to give its customers a useful and easy-to-use alternative.


Starting from any project sent by our customers, SSD Lab makes its knowledge of materials and design available to make them feasible.
Thanks to its knowledge and know-how of 30 years of activity, SSD Lab is able to create any design work or special project that customers and architects can think of: works in transparent or colored plexiglass, creation of iron works with colored inserts , furnishings, false ceilings different from the usual and any other ideas a creative can come up with.
SSD Lab is the perfect partner for all architects and creatives looking for bespoke and out of the ordinary workmanship.