SSD Lab, with its internal graphic office where graphic designers and printing technicians work only for support clients, follows the process together with the client from the beginning of the planning of the design till its realization.

For each project, for fairs, stand creation, products branding, logo creation and renders, our creative staff is at clients and graphic agencies (with which SSD cooperate from 30 years) disposal.

The graphic office helps both agencies that needs operational support for the technical details of the digital printing service over different kind of materials and final clients looking for designer and creatives that can support them in realizing their ideas.

SSD Lab is long experienced also in the creation of wayfinding project, signage and directional signs for events, hotels, camping and any public or private space. Starting from the maps of the spaces the technical office will be able to suggest the best logistic solutions on top of the design of the signage and signs looking to the general design of the location.

For each idea, SSD creates the solution!

SSD directs and realizes for Aristea a graphic line aimed to “Move on 2020” imagine restyling. A medical event focused on the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

The visual goal is issueing the disease in an unconventional way focusing on body control and movements.

Collaborating with Aristea Studio in Genoa, H3R= project is born to present to the public a new medicine in a witty and original way. Starting from its logo to the designing of the plenary meeting room, SSD focused its project on the idea of a super hero always ready to face adversity.

Reguarding advertising campaigns or creation of characteristic element, SSD_LAB helps and supports “La Dispensa del Buttrero” in its communication needs, a startup specialized in worldwide market of local products. From catalogue creation to web site, the focus is food quality and authenticity, trying to give visual a catchy and modern aspect aimed to involve a young and dynamic target.


This collaboration had plans for redesigning the internal signage of the structure in order to allow hosts to have an easier orientation. Our focus was usability and clearness without altering TSH visual impact. There are panels and a little flyer that is a door with magnetic lock and has a map to show hosts rooms and space location


MEVA is an important convention in Dubai concerning building materials, so we realized brochures, posters, paper and digital advertising aimed to promoting this event. Our care for detais and materials for example using special type of paper and polishes, contributes to enhanche this visual line focused on an elegant style.




A corporete identity restyling of “Agriturismo Pavone” located on the beautiful hills in Castiglione della Pescaia. From its logo to the visiting cards, from signs to labels, SSD created the whole visual line in an Art Deco style, enhanched using bright colors. Its logo has been modernised and simplified in lines and elements, according to a new creation system.